General Contractor & Project Management

Our Technical Office is the right partner for engaging directly with Architects, Interior Designers and Developers.

As General Contractor & Project Management Scavazzin is able, along with its operational team composed of technical and commercial members, to guarantee a correct management of supply and siting’s processes of materials and services as part of architecture and furniture, maintaining the supply costs constantly monitored with regard to the budget agreed with the Customer, and at the same time engaging with all the parties so that the qualitative target is never compromised.

We take care to knowledge and documenting the origin of all building materials and its outfitting, collecting the relevant certificates, in relation also to the environmental sustainability of the raw materials production chains (or extraction), and to economic sustainability avoiding wastage or pass-ons that might affect costs.

Our Technical Office is the right partner for engaging directly with Architects, Interior Designers and Developers through all phases, from the first design to the final realisation.
At the customer’s request Scavazzin is able to support the developer, taking care of the creative design phase by involving a specialized architecture studio.

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Complete solutions for Hotels, Stores, Boutiques, Offices, Residential, Public spaces, Holy sites and Museums.

As Project Management Scavazzin is focusing on designing, selection of materials and supervision of processing stages by combining versatility and flexibility of custom-made.
Interfacing with the design studio and the customer we define the levels of personalization, such as buildings automation, safety and comfort standards of environments, acoustic insulation, lighting systems, interior fittings with standard or tailored elements, the use of special fabrics, non-flammable materials, sanitization and allergy free systems, VOC emissions and colors on demand, to meet precise technical and aesthetic requirements.

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Scavazzin’s teamwork can be summarised in the following services:

  • Technical project review and budget distribution
  • Selection of suppliers suitable to meet project requirements
  • Project presentation to the suppliers selected, including an offhand efficiency test.
  • Comparison between suppliers proposals and subsequent project review with reference to information collected
  • Presenting the offers to the Customer in a file that facilitates the reading of qualitative and quantitative characteristics
  • Negotiation with selected suppliers
  • Support to the contractual phase considering current legislation in the sector, the legal guardianship of all the stakeholders involved and the essential conditions set for the contract development
  • Continuous monitoring of purchasing, ordering and quality management.
  • Technical assistance during commissioning, shipping and assembly on site
  • Testing and final inspection with compliant’s document issuance
  • Payment management